For 40 years, the Alban name has been synonymous with building up congregations and their leaders.

Founded in 1974 by the Rev. Loren Mead, The Alban Institute pioneered new ways of enabling congregational leaders to be agents of grace and transformation that could shape and heal the world. Through its publishing house, educational offerings and consulting practice, it tackled vexing issues, such as conflict, transition, and mission in congregational and ministerial life – creating a rich, valuable resource for congregations, pastors and individuals alike.

In 2014, the Alban Institute board announced that it would grant its considerable assets to a number of established partners, including Duke Divinity School. The agreement between the Alban Institute and Duke University, signed in late June, transferred all of Alban’s intellectual properties to Duke. It also created a new restricted endowment to support future programs that continue the Alban mission.