Alban books are now available from publisher Rowman & Littlefield.

The full Alban catalog includes books on congregational leadership, church size and its impact on dynamics, missions and outreach, and more. Learn about Alban authors or purchase Alban books by visiting the Rowman & Littlefield website.

Some recent titles include:


Kissing in the Chapel, Praying in the Frat House: Wrestling with Faith and College

In this collection of essays, writers in their twenties and thirties reflect on their college years by telling stories of the intersection of faith and college.

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Preaching that Matters: Reflective Practices for Transforming Sermons

In Preaching that Matters, Lori Carrell shares answers to that question, drawing on the experiences of thousands of people—preachers and their listeners—whose effort she has studied over many years. As a communication expert, Carrell approaches preaching from a ‘sermon communication’ paradigm. She begins with the task of identifying the spiritually transformative purpose of the sermon and then explores exegeting, organizing, deepening, and delivering the sermon, as well as listening to the listeners and planning for continued transformation. Her own goal is simple: to inspire and equip clergy to make changes that will enhance the transformative power of their preaching.

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Healthy Churches, Faithful Pastors: Covenant Expectations for Thriving Together

This book provides concrete steps to aid congregants and pastors communicate their mutual expectations. Keck presents fifty “expectation statements”—examples of what pastors and congregations can expect of one another; a vital resource to anyone who seeks to initiate a discussion of expectations in their own church. Elucidating goals and expectations allows congregations and pastors to support one another and flourish, and fosters church health and harmony.

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Leading into the World

The call to care for creation is a central part of our discipleship as followers of Jesus Christ. However, language and imagery of the earth is often absent in our worship services. This book helps reconnect our commitment to creation care with our life of discipleship. The process includes helping congregational members name ways that they are involved in caring for creation and encouraging them to see ways that these practices are related to Christian faith, and in doing so, nurturing the life of our communities while fostering our identity as those who care for the earth.

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Yoked: Stories of a Clergy Couple in Marriage, Family, and Ministry

This collection of true stories is written by Mihee Kim-Kort and Andy Kort, a married clergy couple who met while they were in seminary. They share their unique perspective on the joys and challenges of ministry in alternating segments, forming a collective narrative that illuminates the inner workings of a clergy marriage, even as it inspires with heartfelt tales of life in ministry.

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Entering Wonderland: A Toolkit for Pastors New to a Church

The first year or so of a pastor’s tenure in a new congregation is precarious; many pastors stay at a new congregation for fewer than five years. This handbook helps coach both experienced and new pastors to enter a new congregation effectively. Drawing from organizational systems leadership material in religious and secular worlds, it offers nearly 50 tips and tools designed to help new pastors analyze their congregation’s system and then to lead leaders within the congregation to affect positive change.

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Doing the Math of Mission: Fruits, Faithfulness, and Metrics

Doing the Math of Mission offers theory, models, and new tools for using metrics in ministry. This book also shows where metrics and accountability fit into the discernment, goal setting, and strategies of ministry.

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