As the Chair of Alban’s Board of Trustees, I write this letter during an important time of transition at the Alban Institute. At the end of this year, James Wind, Alban’s President for more than eighteen years, will complete his work at Alban. During that time, the Institute has been transformed, as it has helped transform congregational leadership nationwide.

You have been an important partner in the Alban story. Your financial gifts, ideas, and collaborations have helped us carry our important commitments forward. Now, I invite you to join us as we move forward into a new era. Our Board has initiated a challenge to raise a special transition fund for this crucial time. We, the members of the Alban Board of Trustees, will match every gift you make, up to $40,000, through the end of the year. We ask you to stretch your giving this year to help us stretch Alban’s impact in the years to come.

There are two constants in Alban’s nearly 40 years of existence. The first is its bedrock commitment to local congregations. That commitment grounded its mission and set Alban apart when it was founded in 1974 and continues to set it apart today. The second constant has been Alban’s own story of constant change and innovation. Working and learning alongside congregational leaders, it has experimented with better ways to serve our congregations.

The past few years have taken a toll on institutions. Economic stresses have touched us all. Technological advances have revolutionized the way we work. While some see these challenges as frustratingly difficult, we see the road ahead as an exciting journey, full of potential and opportunity. Let’s reframe our concept of struggle into a challenge to grow and meet our new needs. The Board is actively seeking new leadership while identifying the strategic priorities that will guide us into the next generation of service. We are motivated by our commitment to congregations and are inspired by the creative ways that Alban makes a difference for thousands of congregations and their leaders.

In the next few months you can expect to hear from us about several things. We will share results of our presidential search and strategic planning. We will also share plans for celebrating Alban’s 40th anniversary. Until then, please accept my gratitude for your generous support of Alban in the past and please join me and my colleagues on the Board in this special fundraising effort. You can donate securely through our website.

Best Wishes,

Hoogendoorn sigCase Hoogendoorn