Each congregational size presents its own opportunities and challenges, as well as its own set of leadership needs.

In a recent Alban survey of pastors of large congregations (worship attendance of 500-2,000) and denominational professionals with responsibility to work with those pastors, two clear messages emerged about the critical issues that face leaders of that size congregation:

  • Large-congregation leaders need to find and develop their own networks, commonly across denominational boundaries. These leaders often do not receive the resources and support from their denominational relationships that they need for their work. One of the greatest sources of learning and resourcing is from colleagues who do the same work.
  • Large-congregation leaders need to explore and learn about issues that are not as important to other size congregations. Some of the issues identified through the survey include staff management, fiscal management, human resource practice, search processes, staff development, preaching in the large setting, forecasting trends, environmental scans, public presence, time management, board role and relations, and use of consultants.

In an effort to address these issues and to learn more about this congregational size, Alban is launching a national network for pastors of large congregations. The network will begin with four two-day research and support events to be offered during 2005 and 2006. These events will bring together participants for support and mutual learning, as well as to research a specific question about leading the large congregation. Gil Rendle, an Alban senior consultant who has been focusing on the work of large congregations, will design and facilitate these events.

Large-church pastors who are unable to attend these events may still participate in the national network, receiving resources—written reports, monographs, research surveys, etc.—and connecting with other large-church leaders.

For more information about this large-church network, contact our Education department at 800-486-1318, ext. 247.

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