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“I cannot recommend this magazine and this institute to you highly enough!” — The Rev. Jan Smith Wood, Dean of Students, Church Divinity School of the Pacific. 

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What Type of Visionary Are You?  (Member Only Article)
C. Jeff Woods reveals that there is more than one type of visionary and outlines the six different possibilities and how they can impact the congregation.  

Jesus with Skin (Member Only Article) 
The Congregational Resource Guide provides an in-depth interview with Brian Becker, vice president for ministry programs at Wheat Ridge Ministries, who recently had a personal insight into his work 

Soul Food and Southern Hospitality   (Member Only Article) 
In this installment of “A Visit to a Vital Congregation,” the reader is introduced to Downtown Presbyterian Church, an unconventional church opening its doors to anyone and everyone in downtown Nashville. 

Your Minister at Walgreens  (READ NOW) 
Dwight DuBois takes a serious look at the way ministry is done both inside and outside the church—and whether congregational leaders are doing as much as they can. 

Rethinking Transitional Ministry (Member Only Article) 
Three decades into the practice of interim ministry, Norman B. Bendroth explores the ways that traditions must change, whether the church is ready for that or not. 


The Leading Edge  (READ NOW) 
Alban Institute President James P. Wind offers insight into the congregations that are “changing themselves to make room for the 54 million people with disabilities in this country.” 

CenterView  (READ NOW) 
Tim Shapiro, president of the Indianapolis Center for Congregations, describes theological coherence and how congregations have to address the challenges and opportunities they face. 

Unconventional Wisdom  (READ NOW) 
Alban senior consultant Dan Hotchkiss wonders if it’s possible for conflict to be a good thing. 

Ask Alban  (READ NOW) 
Alban senior consultant Larry Peers explains how to move past “just getting by.”  


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