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“I cannot recommend this magazine and this institute to you highly enough!” — The Rev. Jan Smith Wood, Dean of Students, Church Divinity School of the Pacific.  




Dancing with the Sisyphean Imperative: Propositions and Criteria for Sustainable Ecclesiologies
Congregational consultant and author Bob Sitze proposes that congregational-based community organizations may be a primary means by which congregational leaders can avoid repeatedly futile efforts among ministries.  

The Practice of Preaching and the Spiritual Life of the Preacher  
Pastor Bruce Epperly explores a theological vision for preaching and practices that enable the process of preaching to come alive for both the preacher and the congregation. 

Field and Forest
Pastor and author Mary C. Lindberg uses a long road trip to experiment with a writing workshop and to explore her feelings on change after leaving her congregation. 

Forced Clergy Transitions  
Pastor Dan Schultz explores the trend of clergy terminations, whether it be due to clergy misconduct, finances, anxiety, lack of intervention, or sometimes, for no reason at all. 



The Leading Edge  
Alban Institute president James P. Wind questions whether there are conversations we are failing to have.

Tim Shapiro, president of the Indianapolis Center for Congregations, questions how congregations learn, both within and outside the group.

Unconventional Wisdom  
Alban Institute senior consultant Dan Hotchkiss discusses two ways to vote in congregations—with our hands, and with our feet.

Ask Alban
Alban Institute senior consultant Susan Beaumont explores generational differences in the congregation and among the staff.   



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