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The New Connectivity: How Internet Innovations Are Changing the Way We Do Church



INFOCUS: The New Connectivity  (Members Only Article)
reelance religion writer Andrea Useem examines the latest Internet innovations and how they are changing the landscape of religion and congregational life today

The Church in Exile
Pastor Lee Beach considers how the biblical motif of exile can inform congregations as they seek to be church in an age of rapid cultural change (Member Only Article)

Listserv Lessons
Robert Muthiah, associate professor of practical theology, shares how church listservs can help congregations build social capital (Member Only Article)

Please, Not Another E-Mail!
Pastor and consultant Sharon Wilson explores recent findings on the hidden costs of e-mail overload on our productivity and work/home life balance (Member Only Article)

Unburdening Ourselves
Marlis McCollum, managing editor for the Alban Institute, shares experts’ tips for dealing effectively with the demands of e-mail (Member Only Article)

Entering the Blogosphere
Pastor and author Heather Kirk-Davidoff recounts how her church moved from resistance to blogging to embracing it—and why (Member Only Article)

The Voice of Silence
Elizabeth Magill, project administrator for the Episcopal Divinity School’s Pastoral Excellence Project and co-pastor of an outdoor church for homeless individuals, explores the role of silence in prayer and worship (Member Only Article)

A Faster Pastor
David Carlson outlines six ways to streamline the pastoral search process, and still get the pastor you want (Member Only Article)


The Leading Edge
Alban Institute president James P. Wind considers the value of taking a “long view” of the faith we cherish, as presented in Martin Marty’s The Christian World: A Global History (READ NOW)

Brent Bill, executive vice president of the Indianapolis Center for Congregations, explores how shared silence gives congregants the strength to live well in the world (READ NOW)

Ask Alban
Wayne Floyd, education program manager for the Alban Institute, examines the shifting definition of leadership and what it means for working with younger churchgoers (READ NOW)


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