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“I cannot recommend this magazine and this institute to you highly enough!” — The Rev. Jan Smith Wood, Dean of Students, Church Divinity School of the Pacific. 

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Our Practice of Havruta  (READ NOW)
Brent Coffin expands the concept and tradition of the Jewish practice of befriending for Christian leaders.  

From Champion to Church   (Member Only Article) 
N. Graham Standish learned a number of valuable lessons for leading a church from his experiences on a collegiate championship lacrosse team. 

The Three “R”S and Your Congregation’s Future   (Member Only Article) 
Beverly and George Thompson outline three ways congregations can view change and respond to it apppropriately. 

Faith, Family, and Food  (READ NOW) 
G. Jeffrey MacDonald shines a spotlight on child poverty and emphasizes the importance of outreach ministry. 

Comfortable in Their Skin  (Member Only Article) 
In the first of the “A Visit to a Vital Congregation” series, Central Presbyterian Church in Atlanta, Georgia illustrates what it means to be truly “authentic.

A Place for Everybody   (Member Only Article) 
In an excerpt from this forthcoming book, Amazing Gifts, religion writer Mark I. Pinsky discusses disabilities in congregations and how the church as a whole can reach out in faith. 

Closing Time  (Member Only Article) 
Andrew Daugherty poses a difficult question: What would your congregation do if it only had three months to live? 

Cabbages, Theology, and Me (Member Only Article) 
Debra Avery has learned the pros and cons of using social media within a congregational setting. 


The Leading Edge  (READ NOW) 
Alban Institute president James P. Wind’s viewing of a documentary opened his eyes to the power of spiritual practice to change lives. 

Wendy McCormick learned a valuable lesson after using a new assessment tool in her congreation. 

Ask Alban  (READ NOW) 
Alban senior consultant Susan Nienaber details the steps to a successful congregational meeting. 


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