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Moving Beyond Our Comfort Zones




Beyond the Comfort Zone  (Members Only Article)
Pastor Jin Kim calls us to move beyond our “tribal” natures, discover the richness of diversity, and re-embrace the inclusivity embodied by the first Christian churches

Our New Front Door
Author and pastoral theology lecturer Lynne Baab explores how congregational Web sites communicate values and welcome (READ NOW)

How Responding to People’s Needs Hurts the Church
Pastor Beth Steele explores the attitudes of entitlement that are common in our churches and how to bring congregations to a new awareness of purpose (Member Only Article)

Finding a New Way
Jeff Jones and Bob Pazmiño, authors and members of the faculty at Andover Newton Theological School, show how historical trends and recent experiments point the way to a reconceptualization of theological education (READ NOW)

The Art of the Ask
Pastor and author Donna Schaper shares tips and insights for getting good at fundraising (READ NOW)

Moving from Assessment to Action
Congregational and denominational consultant John Janka offers strategies for creating effective partnerships between congregations and regional denominational structures (Member Only Article)

Being Made New
Former pastor Patricia Robertson describes the process and gifts of a conscious pastoral transition to a new call (Member Only Article)


The Leading Edge
Alban president James P. Wind explores the startling findings of a recently released study concerning America’s dramatically shifting religious landscape (READ NOW)

Indianapolis Center for Congregations information technology director Aaron Spiegel highlights why learning to use the Internet to its fullest potential can benefit congregations (READ NOW)

Ask Alban
Alban senior consultant Dan Hotchkiss explores how the search for a new pastor may require a congregation to discuss and define its position on gay pastors (READ NOW)


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