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Creativity in Crisis: Responding to Community Hardship from Congregational Health



IN FOCUS: Creativity in Crisis  (Members Only article)
Pastor and church consultant John H. Hewett explores how congregations can respond to communities experiencing hardship from a place of health

Who Else Needs to Hear This?
Pastors and coauthors Heather Kirk-Davidoff and Nancy Wood show how pastoral visits can be transformed into opportunities for cultivating faith sharing (Members Only article)

Getting Neighborly
Pastor Denny Coon tells the story of how his church found abundance in reaching out to a needy community right on their doorstep (Members Only article)

Much Is Given
Pastor Jeffry R. Zurheide urges us to resist the temptation to “save up, store up” in uncertain times and instead keep spreading—and building—spiritual wealth (Members Only article)

Jordan: Building Bridges to Interfaith Understanding
Alban director of marketing David Pratt shows how Jordan has been and continues to be a place where cultures and faiths can come together in peace (READ NOW)

Harvesting Manna
Using the story of the ancient Israelites’ exodus from Egypt, pastor Jim Kitchens illustrates three human failings that can make our current situation worse (READ NOW)

An Unexpected Resiliency
Author and pastor William O. Avery shares the story of how one church bounced back after hitting bottom (READ NOW)

A Communal Sabbath
Copastors Amy and Adam Rohler share the rich gifts their congregation has discovered in taking a three-week Sabbath from the work of church (Members Only article)


The Leading Edge
Alban Institute president James P. Wind marks Alban’s thirty-fifth anniversary with a celebration of its people, its contributions, and its hopes for the future (READ NOW)

Tim Shapiro, president of the Indianapolis Center for Congregations, explores how slowing down church decision-making processes makes for better decisions (READ NOW)

Ask Alban
Larry Peers, senior consultant for the Alban Institute, offers questions that can help congregations bridge the gap between knowing what they need to do and actually doing it (READ NOW)


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