Rethinking the Large Church


IN FOCUS: Telling the Better Story
Alban senior consultant Gil Rendle explores large church leaders’ increasing use of story as a powerful means of shaping a congregation’s sense of community, identity, and vision

Thriving in a Large Congregation
Pastor and author Frank Wade explores the gift of serving as a large church pastor, and what it takes to succeed—and thrive—in that role

Congregation Size: What the Research Tell Us
Journalist Marlis McCollum discusses what three congregational studies reveal about U.S. churchgoers, large churches, and the most reliable predictors of church growth

So Many People, Not Enough Time
Associate pastor Greg Cootsona addresses the most pressing problem facing large congregations: how to nuture Christian fellowship in the large church setting, where it’s easy for both pastors and members to slip into anonymity

Senior Pastor or CEO?
Freelance writer Marlis McCollum explores the challenges of balance large church pastors face as they attempt to fulfill their dual roles of manager and leader

The Stresses of Size
Pastor Jeff Zurheide describes the challenges of his transition from a small church to a large one and the insights about his own gifts and call that emerged from this journey


Practicing Our Faith in a Digital Age
Pastor and researcher Steve Jacobsen shares what he learned from a five-year research project on the benefits and distractions of technology in the practice of faith

To Wear or Not To Wear
Rev. Elizabeth Dilley-Gonzales explores the uncharted territory Gen X ministers must navigate as they face questions of identity and pastoral responsibility unique to their generation


Alban Institute president James P. Wind reflects on the life and work of Bishop John Walker, as revealed in a new book about this well-loved leader

Senior consultant Larry Peers describes how congregations can engage in a visioning process that really makes a difference