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God Beyond Borders: Interfaith Education and Congregations




IN FOCUS: Uprising  (Members Only Article)
Carol Bradsen, cofounder of Join the Living, tells the story of the creation of Uprising, an Easter Vigil that brought this ritual to life for participants of all generations

God Beyond Borders
Episcopal priest, professor, and author Sheryl Kujawa-Holbrook shares stories of the spiritual growth that occurred when several congregations intentionally built interfaith relationships (READ NOW)

The Bivocational Congregation
Anthony C. Pappas, Norm Faramelli, and Ed Pease, all members of a group of church persons interested in matters of concern to congregations, share their vision of tomorrow’s church—based on five years of in-depth and up-close research (READ NOW)

All Are Welcome
Pastor Bob LaRochelle describes what can happen when preaching is used to cultivate the development of congregational identity (Member Only Article)

What Are We Paying You For?
Presbyterian minister and blogger Jan Edmiston outlines the shifts that need to be made in the way lay leaders are asked to run the church (Member Only Article)

Leadership Transitions
Pastor and nonprofit executive Donna Schaper explores what the nonprofit world can teach the church about making healthy leadership transitions (Member Only Article)


The Leading Edge
Alban Institute president James P. Wind asks us to make the deep changes necessary to help heal the world (READ NOW)

Kara Faris, educational director for the Indianapolis Center for Congregations, discusses the positive effects of including lay leaders in educational events (READ NOW)

Ask Alban
Susan Beaumont, senior consultant for the Alban Institute, offers insight into what it takes to effectively lead a large congregation (READ NOW)


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