Congregations, like individuals, often make resolutions for the new year. If your congregation still is mulling over possibilities for the year, Raising the Roof contains ideas that could spark a resolution or two. Visit for more about the book and seminar.

One such idea involves small-group ministries. Although her book focuses on the pastoral-to-program size transition, Mann provides suggestions that apply to congregations of all sizes. She encourages congregations to give conscious attention to the quality of group life by:

  • New Opportunities: Ensuring that a new group is formed every year to 18 months (since new groups are the easiest for new people to join).
  • Variety: Fostering a range of small-group opportunities for prayer, study, service, and decision making.
  • Experimentation: Sponsoring some short-term small-group experiences each year in which members may experiment with spiritual growth and the congregation may “try out” ideas for longer-term groups.
  • Openness: Helping existing groups to become more permeable to new members.
  • Education: Training and supporting group leaders.
  • Climate Control: Monitoring the climate of group life, and coaching leaders when problems arise.
  • Inspiration: Enriching the life of committees with simple spiritual practices: storytelling, sharing of joys and concerns, asking group members to identify Bible passages or hymns that relate to work of the group.
  • Closure: Helping groups close in a positive way when they have completed their arc of energy.

Based on excerpts from  Raising the Roof, by Alice Mann, pg. 28. The Alban Institute, 2001.


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