Discovering the Other: Asset-Based Approaches for Building Community Together
Cameron Harder
AL429 | $18.00  

Discovering the Other is an introduction to two tools that community builders have found helpful: appreciative inquiry and asset mapping. These tools help congregations see that all of life is saturated by the sacred and give them energy to begin living as if it were so. Every congregation can be rich in history, people, and resources. In the process they will engage you with others, with their stories, their hopes, their gifts—to build community.    

Simple Enough: A Companion Along the Way
Bob Sitze 
AL438 | Digital Only – Available for Kindle, Nook, and iBooks

In his newest work, simplicity blogger Bob Sitze offers readers a year’s worth of periodic observations into the universe of simple living. Sometimes whimsical, often challenging, and always encouraging, Simple Enough wanders through the landscape of contemporary society, helping readers make sense out of their earnest attempts to find joy in managing their lifestyles. Over 150 short and sturdy entries fill the book, casting the author’s insistent eye on parenting, consumerism, faith-based decision-making, technology, daily-life stewardship, and congregational life.

New Life through Shared Ministry: Moving from Volunteering to Mission
Judith A. Urban
AL435 | $18.00

In New Life through Shared Ministry, Judith Urban creates a pathway for building a shared ministry system. She assists readers in transforming their congregation into one where members are invited into volunteer ministry; people are matched according to their gifts and interests with ministry opportunities; volunteers are offered support, training, and appreciation; and all grow to spiritual maturity through that ministry. 

Preaching That Matters: Reflective Practices for Transforming Sermons
Lori J. Carrell 
AL428 | $20.00

Preaching that Matters draws on the experiences of thousands of people—preachers and their listeners—whose effort Carrell has studied over many years. In each chapter of this book, she offers research revelations about high impact preaching that will encourage and challenge readers to continue to grow as preachers. As a communication expert, Carrell approaches preaching from a “sermon communication” paradigm. Her own goal is simple: to inspire and equip clergy to make changes that will enhance the transformative power of their preaching.  

The Graceful Exit: A Pastor’s Journey from Goodbye to Hello
Mary C. Lindberg 
AL432 | $17.00

In The Graceful Exit, Mary Lindberg shares insights from her own experience of ending service to a congregation, as well as wisdom from other pastors who changed their lives’ work. After years of standing behind the pulpit, she thought, how would she witness to God and relate to fellow worshippers from a pew near the back of the church? With The Graceful Exit, Lindberg has created a guidebook. With compassion and not a little wit, Lindberg reflects on a wide range of issues, from the practical to the deeper spiritual themes of fulfillment, surrender, community, legacy, and separation that every departing pastor will face.


Congregations magazine, 2013-07-10
2013 Issue 2, Number 2