The power of asset mapping builds as we relate to each other in small groups and in a larger community. What does doing asset mapping with other people look and feel like?

With the help of other asset-building leaders, I have developed a sample asset-building process that enables groups of people to experience asset mapping together. The process evolved out of many consultations with congregations and other groups. It is fast and easy. It is also the single most inspiring group process I have ever witnessed. It is available in my book, The Power of Asset Mapping.

Featured Resources

AL278_SMMemories, Hopes, and Conversations: Appreciative Inquiry and Congregational Change by Mark Lau Branson

Branson demonstrates how concentrating on needs and problems can mire a congregation in discouragement and distract from noticing innate strengths. By focusing on memories of the congregation at its best, members are able to construct “provocative proposals” to help shape the church’s future. Grounded in solid theory and real-life practice, Memories, Hopes, and Conversations is a groundbreaking work of narrative leadership and the first book to apply the principles of Appreciative Inquiry to the lives of congregations.

AL276_SM Holy Conversations: Strategic Planning as a Spiritual Practice for Congregations by Gil Rendle and Alice Mann

Popular Alban consultants and authors Gil Rendle and Alice Mann cast planning as a “holy conversation,” a congregational discernment process about three critical questions: Who are we? What has God called us to do or be? Who is our neighbor? Rendle and Mann equip congregational leaders with a broad and creative range of ideas, pathways, processes, and tools for planning. By choosing the resources that best suit their needs and contexts, congregations will shape their own strengthening, transforming, holy conversation.