Signed work agreements with volunteers — Bible studies in the work place — congregational programs based on members’ skills and talents — The Yellow Pages of Christian Business — churches and synagogues hiring lay people to fill clergy roles — funding to support lay ministry in denominational centers dries up while businesses introduce corporate chaplains and host prayer groups. What’s going on here!? The Congregational Resource Guide considers these ideas (and many more) in a current focus on Lay Ministry. Senior Research Associate Anne Van Dusen explores the many understandings of lay ministry and how such understandings influence congregations. Annotated resource lists, links to online materials and associations, relevant denominational links and an opportunity to join the conversation are included.

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Featured Resources

AL243_SMRaising the Roof: The Pastoral-to-Program Size Transitions by Alice Mann

From preparing the congregation’s board and members, selecting the person to guide the learning process, and recruiting the learning team, to creating and celebrating a plan for congregational learning and action, Mann provides all the resources a congregation needs to address this significant size transition period

AL260_SM Redeveloping the Congregation: A How-to for Lasting Change by Mary K. Sellon, Daniel P. Smith, and Gail F. Grossman

What makes it possible for a church to reverse course from decline or stagnation into longlasting vitality? How can a church immigrate from a congealing present into a compelling future? What can a congregation do to experience continuous, deep change rather than just temporary, surface improvement? How does a person lead redevelopment?