A new podcast featuring Doug Bixby, author of The Honest to God Church is available on the Alban Podcast Web page. Or you can download the mp3 file by clicking here.

In the podcast, Bixby recommends we embrace the concept that we all are saints and sinners simultaneously. He discusses how accepting that our churches are imperfect, the attitude of “I’m not okay, you’re not okay,” allows people to come as they are and creates “honest to God” places of worship.




There are many Web resources written by or featuring our authors. Below is a list of blogs, Web sites, and podcasts that provide information about our authors’ books and events, as well as some of their musings about what it’s like to be a faithful leader in the world today.

Blogs by Alban Authors

By Doug Bixby, author of The Honest to God Church

By Carol Howard Merritt, author of Tribal Church

By Timothy C. Geoffrion, author of The Spirit-Led Leader

By Rochelle Melander, author of A Generous Presence and coauthor of The Spiritual Leader’s Guide to Self-Care

Web Sites About Alban Books and Authors

Holy Conversations

Raising the Roof

Diana Butler Bass

Graham Standish

Gary Shockley

Rabbi Shawn Israel Zevit

Timothy C. Geoffrion

Carol Howard Merritt

Anthony B. Robinson

Rochelle Melander

Podcasts Featuring Alban Authors

Doug Bixby

Gary Shockley